How to upload your game

How to upload your game (globalgamejam.org is down). If you find yourself having problems due to the GGJ server being overworked, or very slow, you can use the GGJ anonymous FTP server to upload your compressed file. Read more

Poster of your game

Hi all! We need you all to deliver posters of your game before tomorrow (sunday) 12:00. Here are the specs:

Size: A4
Format: .JPG (300 DPI would be nice)
Content: At least the title of your game and try to add in at least one still

You can send the poster to Emile’s e-mail address (emile.amsterjam[at]gmail.com).

Good luck and have fun on the final night of this jam!

Midnight snacking

Midnight snacking

Still hungry or want some fruit? There is still a lot of fruit and left over dinner in the cafeteria, so grab your plate and go down, get some fresh air, play some games eat some stuff!

Game boxes installed downstairs!

Want to play a game different than your own for a while? Game boxes are ready to be used downstairs at the end of the cafeteria!

Controllers can be found at the info desk. If you want one, you’ll have to drop off any form of identity card (wireless controllers, you know). Good luck and have fun!

Updates Fridaynight!

Hi everyone, here are some updates from the crew!

Red Bull is kinda….. not showing up. We’re hoping that they will arrive somewhere this weekend though. We’ll keep you updated on this matter. Read more