Plan for today

Here is the plan for today, with a short explanation. The times may vary depending of the jury.

12.30 – lunch
13.30 – printing (optional)
14:00 – Prepare exhibition 2nd floor
15.00 – Jury visits game rooms
16.00 – Exposition audience awards 2nd floor
16.00 – Shortlist judging
17.00 – Award ceremony

Between 15:00 and ±16:00, members of the jury will visit your jam room. Make sure your game is playable, and present it (+ artwork, sound, gameplay) to the jury.

Around 16:00 the jury will have made a short list of games. We will let you know wether or not your game is on the shortlist. When your game is, 2 other jury members will visit your jam room.

As soon as the jury has left, you can pack your stuff, clean up your room, and go to the 2nd floor to vote for the audience awards.

Audience award
From 14:00, you can bring a copy of your game to the 2nd floor for the selection of the audience award. Place a piece of paper with the name of your game next to it.
Make sure some team members are present in the jam room for the jury after 15:00.

Every jammer will get a sticker (=vote) for the audience award.

Award ceremony
The award ceremony will start at 17:00 in the auditorium.