Start uploading!

Hi all! The time has come to start uploading your games to Judging will be done in two ways; in your room and in the cafetaria.

Room: Make sure that your room is tidy at 15:00 and that you have a build running for the judges to play. After the judges leave, you’ll have to wait for one of us to tell you if you’re through to the next round or that you’re out of the running. When you don’t make it to the next round, please pack up and leave the room so we can put it back in it’s original state.

Cafeteria: The cafeteria will be the place for the audience award. You can play all games downstairs and vote through the stickers you received on your favorite game. Make sure to have a laptop up and running by 15:00 downstairs and someone who can answer questions about the game.

Judging will probably last till around 17:00-17:30. Afterwards, the price ceremony will take place and at the end there will be drinks for you all.

Best of luck presenting your games and thanks for making this Amsterjam awesome so far!