Updates Fridaynight!

Hi everyone, here are some updates from the crew!

Red Bull is kinda….. not showing up. We’re hoping that they will arrive somewhere this weekend though. We’ll keep you updated on this matter.

The crew for tonight can be found in room 2.06 or else at the cafeteria for emergencies.

Game boxes will probably be installed tomorrow morning.

Smoking outside is open 24/7, if you’re brave enough to endure the cold!

There’s a mini market on the way to the subway station  right behind “Café de Keet” if you need anything. They’re open tomorrow until 20:00.

Connect to Wifi through:
SSID: Gaming
Password: Gaming@DDK

For those who can’t connect to internet through UTP; the infrastructure is not the way it should be here at the moment and we’re afraid that if we change it, the whole building will be shut down from the internet… We’re truly sorry about this.

Good luck jamming and see you all around!

If there’s more you need to know, please look for the crew!