Awesome t-shirts

Global Game Jam NL: We’ve got a surprise for all participants of this years’ Global Game Jam NL. Courtesy of our generous sponsor Microsoft, everyone will receive a special Global Game Jam t-shirt upon arrival. Now don’t go thinking this is just some lame shirt that you’ll never wear outdoors. We roll differently.

The design was done by Gijs Hermans, lead artist and co-founder of Ronimo Games. Ronimo is a company you may know from Swords & Soldiers and the soon-to-be-released Awesomenauts. They are known for their kick-ass 2D art that oozes charisma and style.

According to Gijs, his design is inspired by all the great ideas that form during the Global Game Jam, mixed with a little awesomesauce and a whole lot of his effort.